Fixed Conveyor Systems

These fixed solutions are used predominantly in production facilities where the final product is required to be transported to the the storage facility or distribution centre. They typically consists of four elements which are designed and manufactured according to the exact requirements of the client.

The Flat Conveyor

The Flat Conveyor which enables cargo to be transported either at ground level or overhead, externally over roads or internally over equipment.

The Inclined Conveyor

The Inclined Conveyor which is used to transport the cargo from the end of the production line to an overhead flat conveyor.

The Bag Diverter

The Bag Diverter which used to divert the cargo from the flat conveyor to a client specified location without the need of stopping the conveyor system or manually removing the bag.

The Spiral Chute

The Spiral Chute which is used to transport the cargo downwards using gravity. This is a space saving, power free and maintenance free solution.