Have you been looking for a better way to stack bags around your facility? What about a way to reduce your operating costs? The Stacker is the affordable solution that allows for stockpiling in your warehouse, the most cost-effective, space-saving and flexible way to store your cargo.

It is designed to stack bags at a variety of heights, from floor to ceiling, with its built-in dual-hydraulic system . Operators can load bags on the stacker directly from the truck, the ground and from a mobile belt conveyor placed next to it. This will reduce delays due to fatigue from carrying heavy weights from long periods of time thus providing a more ergonomic way to stack your cargo.

The Stacker has high strength, low weight carbon steel lattice frame mounted on a strong chassis completed with a durable chevron belt. Heavy duty wheels allows for the conveyor to be effortlessly moved to different areas of the facility. It is equipped with a direct coupled gearbox motor, so no wearing parts such as chains and sprockets, connected to an integrated control panel which means they only require a 3 phase power connection to work.

Safe, reliable and cost-effective, this is the perfect option for any company that wants to improve their workflow efficiency. Upgrade your warehouse with a Stacker today!