Truck Loader

Say goodbye to loading ramps, wheeled loaders, or anything else you were using to get your goods on and off trucks. You can now load or unload directly into and from any type of truck with our Truck Loader. It is the most versatile, affordable and easy-to-use truck loading solution for bagged and boxed cargo

Manufactured using high tensile carbon steel, the frame of the loader is attached to a strong and sturdy chassis with a reliable hydraulic system to adjust the front loader boom to the desired height. Heavy duty wheels allows for the conveyor to be effortlessly moved to different areas of the facility

Safety of workers is very important in any organisation. We have attached an additional power switch to the front to loader you can now switch off the power to the machine with a push of a button, making it harder for accidents to happen and with head lamps attached, they will never have to work in darkness again. Further more the belt conveyor is equipped with a direct coupled gearbox motor, so no visible moving parts such as chains and sprockets preventing injuries.

With our Truck Loader, your time to load or unload a truck will be cut in half and what’s more you’ll never have to worry about your employees getting back pain or wasting time. Contact us now to learn more about our Truck Loaders!