Telescopic Conveyor

Invest in your business and make it more efficient. With the Telescopic Conveyor, your warehouse’s productivity will increase and your labour costs reduced. It will eliminate any material jams in your loading operation, ensuring that your products are always delivered on time to your customers.

Telescopic conveyors are used for transporting boxes, bags, pallets, and other items horizontally. They are a type of belt conveyor that is composed of two or more parts (typically 3) that move telescopically inside one another. This allows for the conveyor to extend or contract its length with just a push of a button allowing you to service all truck sizes.

The Telescopic Conveyor also features safety systems to ensure a smooth and easy operation. An additional operator control panel including and emergency stop switch in the front of the conveyor will allow workers to control all aspects of the conveyor preventing accidents. Headlamps ensure your workers will never have to work in the dark.

With its high tensile carbon steel material and durable construction, our telescopic conveyor is tough enough for any job! Optional hydraulic system allow you to adjust your front loader boom to the desired height, making it ideal for high volume distribution centres. Our sturdy conveyors can be custom designed to fit your needs. Contact us today find out more about out Telescopic Conveyor!