Mobile Conveyor

Increased efficiency and productivity is a must in today’s high-paced business world. Load more, store more, and transport more with these mobile conveyors! They’re a safe, quick and cost-effective way to get your cargo from the truck loader to the stacker vice versa.

We understand that you need an excellent quality conveyor belt for your industry which is why we use the best quality materials in the market. Our frame is made of high tensile carbon steel box sections and because of this, they are stronger and last longer. The conveyor is equipped with a direct coupled gearbox motor, so no wearing parts such as chains and sprockets, connected to an integrated control panel which means they only require a 3 phase power connection to work.

A tough, lightweight lattice frame mounted on solid wheels with a built-in gearbox motor and electrics means that it is easy to move the conveyor from one area to another. You just need to unplug the power cable.

With a range of features for getting your goods around the warehouse, our durable and low maintenance mobile belt conveyor is the perfect choice for getting your production line moving. Contact us now to learn more about our Mobile Conveyors!